Thoughts and Dreams of a Labruskie

All About An Indi Dog

I'm a Husky/Retriever Cross with a quizical expression.(Does that make me a Labruskie or a Husktriever) I came to live with my owners from Manchester on 24 November 2008. My family is two humans B & P, assorted wildlife, extended family humans and lots and lots of fish!!

Welcome to My World

Welcome to my New Site - I hope you like it! Keep up to date with all my adventures or check out my rated walkies suggestions If you would like to leave me a message please remember it doesn't appear right away as I have to do something called moderating - it is a bit like chewing - to make sure nothing in your comments will be worrying to a little pup!


Well puppa friends I have had my pawtrait done and very smart I look tooo! Dont ya agree! I went and had my photo taken a couple of months ago  - well I looned round like a maniac while humans tried to get my best side! he he well can't make it too easy for them can I!

Then a very nice lady turned my photos into a drawing and drew every single one of my whiskers - she could just have come round to my house and collected some bits I have finished with and left on the floor! But I think she has done a really good job - I am a handsome chap arent I.

Thank you Denise and congratulations on winning the awards